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High Temperature form BBO (-BaB2O4) is a negative uniaxial crystal. It has large birefringence over the broad transparent range from 189 nm to 3500 nm. Recently, LaserMa has succeeded in growing this crystal into large size. The physical, chemical, thermal and optical properties of -BBO crystal are similar to those of -BBO. However, the nonlinear optical properties of -BBO crystal are vanished due to the centric symmetry with its crystal structure. It is not recommended to use for NLO processes.

-BBO is an excellent crystal to replace Calcite, TiO2, and LiNbO3, etc. in Glan-Taylor and Glan-Thompson polarizers as well as walk-off beam splitters, especially for high power and UV polarizer, due to its unique UV transparency, good mechanical properties and high damage threshold. LaserMa manufactures and supplies Glan-Laser, Glan-Taylor, Glan-Thompson Polarizers and other beam displacers from high quality -BBO crystals to replace Calcite in many applications, especially in UV and high power operations.

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