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Chromium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Crystal(Cr4+:YAG) is an excellent crystal for passively Q-switching diode pumped or lamp-pumped Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF, Nd:YVO4 or other Nd and Yb doped lasers at wavelength from 0.8 to 1.2 µm. Because of its chemically stable, durable, UV resistant, good thermal conductivity and high damage threshold (> 500 MW/cm2) and being easy to be operated, it will replace traditional materials, such as LiF, organic Dye and color centers.  
   LASERMA provides Cr4+:YAG with Cr4+ doping level from 0.5mol% to 3mol%.  The size could be from 2¡Á2mm2 to 17¡Á17mm2 with length from 0.1mm to 12mm available.  We can control the initial transmission from 5% to 92% according to customers¡¯ requirements.

Basic Properties of Cr4+:YAG

Crystal Structure

Cubic Garnet

Dopant Level

0.5 mol% ~ 3 mol%



Damage Threshold

> 500 MW/cm2

Refractive Index

1.82 @ 1064 nm

The preliminary experiments of LaserMa¡¯s Cr4+:YAG showed that the pulse width of passively Q-switched lasers could be as short as 5ns for diode pumped Nd:YAG lasers and repetition rate as high as 10kHz for diode pumped Nd:YVO4 lasers. Furthermore, an efficient green output @ 532nm, and UV output @ 355nm and 266nm were generated, after a subsequent intracavity SHG in KTP or LBO, THG and 4HG in LBO and BBO for diode pumped and passive Q-switched Nd: YAG and Nd: YVO4 lasers.

Cr4+:YAG is also a laser crystal with tunable output from 1.35¦̀m to 1.55¦̀m. It can generate ultrashort pulse laser (to fs pulsed) when pumped by Nd: YAG laser at 1.064¦̀m.

When ordering Cr4+:YAG crystal, Please specify the size, initial transmission and coatings. For further information, please contact

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