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  LaserMa is a leading manufacturer of Crystals, Optics and Lasers. LaserMa specializes in research, developing and manufacturing nonlinear optical(NLO) crystals, laser material, electro-optical material, scintillator and substrate, as well as high precision optical components and laser optics, optical parametric oscillators and amplifiers(OPO/OPA), laser devices and accessories, etc.
High Quality and Mass Production
LaserMa possesses the most advanced crystal growing technologies in the world. The production lines based on flux, Czochralski, Bredgeman and water solution crystal growing methods has been well established in LaserMa. The mass production capability and start of the art technologies enable LaserMa produce high quality crystal and devices to supply not only R&D, OEM and industial customers but also commercial manufacturers.
Strong Research and Development
LaserMa has strong capabilites in research and development of new nonlinear optical, laser, electro-optic and optical materials. We hold the leading technology in growing and producing large size and high quality LBO, BBO, KDP, Nd:YAG, Nd:GGG, Nd:YVO4, Yb,GSO, Yb:YAG, Yb,Cr:YAG, Ce:YAP and Ce:GSO Crystals, as well as LaserMa newly developed RE doped YAG Ceramics. More and new crystals and laser devices are under development in LaserMa and will be added to our production lines soon.
Precise Optical Fabrication
The skillful engineers and technicians in LaserMa routinely fabricate high precision crystals and optics. We have developed a series of specialized optcical fabrrication techniques for fabricating crystal products to meet the high international standards.
Strict Quality Control
Equipped by advance instruments, e.g. ZYGO GPI-XP Interferometer, Perkin- Elmer Lamda 9 UV/VIS¡¯NIR Spectrophotometer and specific measurement systems, LaserMa¡¯s quality control and assurance department sets a series of complete standards for crystals and optical components. Every product is strictly inspected to meet our standards or specification required by customers before it leaves LaserMa.
Low Cost
LaserMa makes every efforts to provide high quality crystals and devieces at low price. The advanced technologies and facilities, mass production and well organized management, low labor et,al make LaserMa¡¯s products always the most competitive in the word.
Quick Response
Our salers and customer service engineers have strong backgroud in theory and experiments of crystals, lasers and optics. We are always ready to reply your inquiries and offer you excellent services. Whatever crystals, ceramics, optics, laser devices and technical services you need, please contact our representative or LaserMa directly.
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